Halloween Recommendations

With us now being into mid September, the leaves all changing colour and the build up to Halloween officially on, I thought I’d put together a list of books from my shelves, just bound to get you in the mood for the season!

Let me know if you read or have already read any of these and what you think!


Asylum Series (Books 1-3)  by Madeleine Roux

The series follows sixteen-year-old Dan Crawford, who has been accepted to attend a prestigious college preparatory summer school in New Hampshire. Once there he befriends two other teens, Abby and Jordan. Together they begin to explore the school which just so happens to have previously been an old psychiatric hospital. However the more the trio explore, the more dark secrets they start to uncover; some that lead to a personal revelation and struggle within Dan’s past.


Bloody Mary (Parts I & II) by Hillary Monahan

Mary: The Summoning: There is a right way and a wrong way to summon Mary, and Jess knows the right way. With her friends Shauna, Kitty and Anna, the four girls link hands and set the scene for the summoning. Once they call out to her “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”, all four girls see the shadow emerge from a fog behind the mirror before them. With her curiosity peaked, Jess convinced the other girls to call to Mary again and again… until it goes too far. When the circle is broken too soon, Mary crosses her threshold and finally free from her prison, begins to terrorize the girls. To beat Mary and escape her vicious wrath, they all delve deaper into the past. Who is Mary and how did she become the monster she is?

Mary: Unleashed: With Mary released into the world, the girls are desperately racing against time and Mary’s rage to free themselves of her presence. Until she is gone, no one is safe. A lesson that will be learned the hard way. Following clues that leads them back through generations of tragedy, secrets are uncovered as Mary inches closer to her prey. Will learning the shocking truth about Mary Worth be enough to break the curse or will Mary survive to claim another victim?

How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather (Sequel to be released October 3rd 2017)

Meet Samantha Mather, a New York teenager recently moved back to her family home in Salem, Massachusetts with her Stepmother. With her father in a coma, Sam and her stepmothers relationship is as strained as ever. However Sam’s personal life becomes the least of her problems as soon as she starts school and immediately meets the cold acquaintance of a group who calls themselves the descendants. Descendants of those who were tried and accused during the infamous trials. Of course with a name like Mather, Sam’s life in Salem quickly becomes more troubled than she could have bargained for. Not to mention the angry ghost in her bedroom who wants her to stop snooping into his stuff. But once tragedy strikes the town, old curses and secrets threaten to alter her life forever. Together with her angry ghost, Sam and discovers a deadly curse that started with the first Salem Witch hanging and unless the curse is broken, history threatens to repeat itself.

Witches of Blackbrook Series by Tish Thawer

One the healer, one the teacher, and one the deceiver. Three sisters caught in the heat of the Salem Witch Trials suddenly find their souls propelled through time after the eldest casts a spell to try and spare them a deadly fate. Following century after century, each sister is always searching for the other until they are finally reunited. Will their reunion finally restore their full power and allow them to live peaceful lives. Is each sister really who she says she is?


The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie

Sunshine Griffith has just turned sixteen and suddenly has to face a big move from hot, sunny Austin, Texas to dull and rain soaked Ridgemont, Washington. Despite being adopted, Sunshine and her mother have always enjoyed a close relationship filled with inside jokes and plenty of laughter. However, after arriving in their new home, Sunshine begins to feel a cold and unwelcoming presence. Even worse, her mother Kat, can’t feel it. As things begin to escalate from slamming doors, to voices in the nights, Sunshine must accept what she really is in order to save Kat from a fate worse than death.

The Merciless by Daneille Vega

After starting a new school and making what she thinks are the right kind of friends, Sofia Flores quickly learns that she couldn’t have been more wrong. Riley, Grace and Alexis just want to save Brooklyn. Save her from a life filled with bad decision and sin. But Sofia didn’t realize they actually believed Brooklyn was possessed. With her new found fear of Riley and her threats, Sofia is forced to go along with the events that unfold in their abandoned house hangout, or be exorcised herself. As it becomes clear that Riley’s idea of an exorcism is more torture than salvation, decisions must be made and evil must be beaten. Is evil real? Does it lie within all of us?

Salem’s Vengeance by Aaron Galvin

Salem’s vengeance tells the story of a group of young girls, bored with the tedious life that 17th century New England has to offer. They long to have fun dancing in the woods and be free of restriction. One night after sneaking out into the woods together, Sarah our main character and her two friends come across a group of people led by a woman who calls herself Hecate, the Devil’s Daughter. Hecate shows a particular interest in getting Sarah to join her and her group of ‘witches’ but only succeeds in getting one of the girls to partake in their ritual. After this Sarah and her one remaining friend become fearful of being both outed as witches and what has become of the friend who remained behind in the woods that night. During a brief dalliance with Hecate, Sarah is given a journal written during the Trials by her father. In denial about her father’s involvement with the trials but curiosity as to why he uprooted his life, changed his name and chose to settle elsewhere with a family gets the better of her. In her search for answers about her family and Hecate’s involvement, Sarah ultimately will feel the force of Salem’s vengeance.


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